Alternative Shamrock Shake Recipes!

shamrock2I know, I know, it’s truly all about that McDonald’s Shamrock shake around St. Patrick’s Day, am I right?  Well if you’re not in the mood to drink up a TON of calories and sugar, I found some great recipes for making your own healthier version of the popular drink. Also, is it just me, or does drinking minty flavors freak you out a bit? It does for me. I don’t really like mint and drinking it makes me think I’m guzzling liquid toothpaste. Not a pretty picture. But it’s green and fits in so well with this holiday so onwards!

How about adding avocado like CookEatPaleo did? Here is the recipe.

Vegan mint version with avocado as well from GoDairyFree. View the recipe here.

Are you all about the mint and spinach? The Minty Green Shamrock shake from LoveandLemons would suit you perfectly! The pic in the left showcases the ingredients in the drink as well as the pretty finished product! View the recipe here.

This Martha Stewart melon, mint, and cucumber recipe sounds so refreshing, and it blends into a nice bright green too!

If your will power is just lacking one day (like mine is EVERY day), then it’s ok, I understand. You gotta have your Shamrock shake.  Maybe you’ll be one of many who understands this ode to the Shamrock shake.  Oh did you see there’s a chocolate version too? Don’t take it out on the messenger!

Pics: 1, 2.

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